The Top Six Skin Care Mistakes

None of us are perfect, especially when it comes to taking care of our skin. But some mistakes are worse than others; below are the top six skin care mistakes to avoid.

1. Not wearing a daily moisturizing sunscreen.

This is by far the most common skin mistake I see my clients make. There is no excuse; you need to wear sunscreen every day. The #1 cause of wrinkles is sun exposure. And you don’t just need sunscreen on beach days, you also are getting UV damage when you’re driving in your car, working in an office near windows, and walking down the street (78% of sun damage is from incidental exposure). Wear a sunscreen with moisturizer 365 days a year, rain or shine, inside or out. And the earlier you start, the better! Our Day 25 is great because no only does it provide sun protection, but hydrates your skin, infuses it with anti-oxidants, and contains natural papaya enzymes that fight free radical damage (and gives it its trademark papaya smell!)

2. Going to bed without washing your face.

We’ve all done it, you’ve come back from a long night out and you’re tired and just don’t have the energy to wash your face. So the day’s makeup and accumulated dirt seeps into your skin all night long. Anyone who’s done this knows, when you wash your face in the morning, it just doesn’t look as good after a night of sleeping in makeup. So, just don’t do it – take the extra two minutes and use a gentle and PH balanced facial cleanser both morning and night, every night.  Vasseur’s Foaming Cleanser (normal/oily skin) and Creamy Cleanser (dry/sensitive skin) are PH-balanced and penetrate deeply to remove dirt, grime and makeup.

3. Not using an alcohol-free toner after every washing.

Most people do not understand toners and why they should use them. Alcohol-free toners are a perfect way to give your skin the water and hydration it so desperately needs, and also serve to kill bacteria on your face and get it primed for treatment products. If you find that toners are drying, that’s because you are likely using a toner that contains alcohol, which is a no-no. So, use an alcohol-free toner every time after you wash. Make sure to leave your skin slightly damp before applying your treatment products (serums, moisturizers, day or night cream) to seal in the hydration. Our Chamomile Toner is a client favorite and is alcohol-free.

4. Not following a consistent skin care regime.

Establishing a skin care routine is one thing, but following it each and every day can be quite another. As with all things in life, those who are focused and always working toward their goals will be successful. If you’re not getting the results you want for your skin, make sure you’re following your facial skin care regimen completely, every single day. Personally, I display my products prominently on my bathroom counter so I see them and remember to use them every morning and night.

5. Allowing yourself to become dehydrated.

Many people are in a constant state of dehydration and don’t know it (some estimates say that 75% of people are chronically dehydrated). Dehydration affects your energy level, appearance and skin health. Your skin needs water in order to repair and replace dead skin cells. Get in the habit of drinking plenty of water and cutting down on beverages that tend to encourage dehydration such as coffee, soda and alcohol (for every one of these beverages you drink, have two glasses of water). In addition, take steps to keep the surface of your skin hydrated with good quality moisturizing products. Remember, the opposite of plump, supple and moist is wrinkled, sagging and dry.

6. Eating a diet heavy in processed foods.

With the hectic pace we all lead today, it is increasingly difficult to eat the right foods. So many of us instead order take-out, eat drive-thru food and grab on-the-go packaged snacks. Not only is this type of eating harmful to your overall health, a poor diet will show up on your skin. You’ve probably heard it over and over… your skin is a reflection of what you put into your body and gives an indication of your overall health. If you want flawless, glowing skin, try to stick to non-processed foods as much as possible and eat plenty of vegetables. If you need inspiration for healthy, easy at home meals, check out my favorite website:

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3 thoughts on “The Top Six Skin Care Mistakes”

  1. I only wash my face once a day. My skin is so oily and I get breakouts often. I’m in my mid forties and it’s so embarrassing.

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