Your Hands Reveal Your Age. Here’s How to Care for Them.

When we think of taking care of our skin, most people think of their face, and some think of the décolleté, but few think of the hands. Your hands are another critical area to care for in your skin routine. Why? Because your hands show your age – often more than any other part of your body.

Here are my tips for caring for your hands:

1)    Wear gloves whenever possible. This includes:

  1. Rubber gloves when washing dishes
  2. Driving gloves to protect your hands from the sun (did you know – the #1 cause of aging on hands is from sunlight contact while on a steering wheel. So if you can’t wear driving gloves, make sure to apply sunscreen!). Here are some cute driving gloves you can buy online.
  3. Cotton gloves with our treated hand cream at night for silky smooth hands in the morning

2)    Moisturize your hands frequently (2 times a day) with a rich, treated hand cream. Our hand cream has the anti-aging ingredients DMAE and plant stem cells for firming and smoothing. After moisturizing the hands, follow with sunscreen.

3)    If you have age spots or pigmentation on your hands, use lemon juice to lighten them (put fresh lemon juice on a cotton pad) or use our Fade Cream for more intense spot removal.

4)    Exfoliate your hands once a week with our Exfoliating Cleanser.

5 thoughts on “Your Hands Reveal Your Age. Here’s How to Care for Them.”

  1. I guess the left hand ages faster in US and Canada. For my hands, I would prefer gloves as opposed to sunscreen because sunscreen is easily lost by the combination of friction, sweating, and washing. A physical sunscreen is recommended as opposed to chemical sunscreens. Badger is a physical sunscreen.
    Now I need to find sun gloves for running.

  2. […] Secret #2: Celebrities care for their neck, chest and hands in addition to their face. These are the areas on the body that are often neglected and consequently, are dead giveaways of your age. Why? Because these areas don’t have as many reparative oil glands and are less elastic and contain thinner skin tissues than our faces- so damage happens quicker and is more apparent. Celebrities know this and are known to take extra care of their neck, chest and hands. Here are our tips for caring for your décolleté and your hands. […]

  3. , time of day and hats are both helpful.I made my own scsnureen last year using a combination of oils like coconut & sesame w/ natural spf’s. I did add regular zinc oxide (not nano) bc we were going to the beach and thought we would need the extra protection. It was so easy and worked wonderfully for the first time in my life of beach vacations my skin was not dried out or peely. I will always make my own scsnureen now.What have you read about zinc oxide? Not the nano-size, but regular zinc oxide? I would love to hear what you know. Thanks!

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