Mythbusters: The Top 7 Skin Myths Explained

SKIN MYTH 1: You can clear a blemish by putting toothpaste on it.

  • Yes, toothpaste can dry out a blemish but leaving your skin as dry as the Sahara is not conducive to healthy, clear skin. Dry skin does not equal clear skin; your skin can be dry and flaky and breaking out all at the same time. It may seem that applying toothpaste to a blemish works because of it’s immediate drying effect but it does not treat the root issue. It has also been known to cause redness, irritation, sensitivity that can last several months. In some cases it may even cause scarring and contact dermatitis. In addition, it weakens the skin’s cells making it vulnerable and harder to fight off free-radicals which can lead to further breakouts. So, while it may dry out the blemish, you risk damaging your skin as a result. It is just not worth it when there are excellent preventative and treatment oriented products that are much more effective without the risk – like our ultra potent Kiss Zit Goodbye Mask.

SKIN MTYH 2: Tanning or sun exposure can help clear up acne.

  • In some cases acne might appear to improve after tanning or sun exposure by drying out the skin, but in actuality your skin can begin to produce an excess amount of oil which can lead to more breakouts. More importantly, some acne treatments increase sun sensitivity. And don’t be fooled into thinking that you are safe by tanning in beds that do not contain UVB rays which are said to be “safer”. You are still exposed to the UVA rays, the aging rays, which penetrate deeper into the skin and lead to premature aging and skin cancer.

SKIN MYTH 3: Oily or acneic skin doesn’t need a moisturizer.

  • Many people with oily or acneic skin avoid moisturizer because they feel it will only add to the problem. But the truth is that in order to have healthy skin, it needs hydration and protection from the environment, without it your skin’s barrier function becomes compromised. Proper barrier function is essential, it protects your skin from pollution, free-radicals and other damaging elements. Choosing to forgo the use of moisturizer can also cause your skin’s oil production to go into overdrive which can lead to congested pores and breakouts. We recommend our Day 25, which doubles as a moisturizer and sun protection.

SKIN MYTH 4: Sunscreen causes breakouts.

  • If you tend to break out when you use sunscreen, your skin is reacting to an ingredient contained in the product and not the actual sunscreen itself. Some sunscreens contain irritants that can lead to breakouts and many sunscreens contain ingredients that clog pores, so it is important to look at the ingredients in the product and choose a sunscreen that is non-comedogenic, like our Day 25.

SKIN MYTH 5: You don’t need to wash my face in the morning.

  • Even though your skin may not be “dirty” in the morning, it has still accumulated oil, sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria, which cause congestion in the pores resulting in blackheads and breakouts. In the morning a quick gentle cleanse is all you need to help prevent breakouts and congestion.

SKIN MYTH 6: The harder you wash and scrub your face the cleaner your skin.

  • Washing your face too hard actually makes acne worse. Washing and/or scrubbing your face too hard only irritates the skin, especially acne prone skin making it worse. It also spreads bacteria in the skin to nearby tissue furthering the infection to other areas of the face.

SKIN MYTH 7: Your diet does not affect your skin.

  • This is a widely debated topic and many are confused as to what is or isn’t true. Here’s the truth: while certain foods don’t “cause” acne or breakouts, they  can most definitely promote and aggravate acne. Certain foods such as dairy, nuts, seafood rich in iodine, refined sugar, certain fruits such as strawberries can be contributing factors to acne or breakouts. Everyones skin is different, and while dairy may not cause your skin to break out, blueberries just might. The best way to determine your skin triggers is to go on an elimination diet. Cut out all possible foods for one week and then reintroduce each food one by one to see what your skin reacts to. For me, its berries and sugar. For you it may be something else.

7 thoughts on “Mythbusters: The Top 7 Skin Myths Explained”

  1. This post is SO interesting. I have to admit until reading this I definitely believed #3, 4, 5 and 7! Now I have to send this to my sister, who always puts toothpaste on her blemishes…

  2. yes try it it made my skin so glowie an soft like omg oh i have large pores too aruond my noes cold water splashed over the skin twice a week helps or the ice girl get you some vitamin E lotion or oil depening on your skin type it will help a lot i use so much of it

  3. Thank you for posting this . I tried it out and it raelly does make my skin feel smoother and the the pores size decreased some . THANK YOU !! How often should one do this scrub ? I agree with the other viewer , Your skin is beautiful . Thanks again .

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