Our Favorite Quick Tips for All Skin Concerns

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we at Vasseur want to make sure that you take the time to love your skin too! Here are some of our favorite skin care tips for the most common skin concerns.

  • Large pores- The best way to minimize the appearance of large pores? Exfoliate. This reduces how deep the pore indents into the skin resulting in a smaller-pored look. In winter months, be careful not to over exfoliate; we recommend using an exfoliating cleanser no more than two times per week and using chemical exfoliants like Reveal 10 every other day.
  • Oily skin All oily skin needs a moisturizer—no matter what. Did you know that not using moisturizer will actually make your skin more oily? When your skin doesn’t have the proper water levels, the dehydration causes the skin to produce oil giving you oilier skin. We recommend using our Day 25 Cream, which will give your skin both moisture and sun protection.

  • Dry Skin- After cleansing, IMMEDIATELY use a toner and moisturizer. If you leave your skin bare for more than 1 minute, it will start to dehydrate.
  • Wrinkles- To minimize the appearance of existing fine lines and wrinkles….hydrate! Think of wrinkles like raisins, they need to be plumped back up with moisture to regain their smooth appearance. We recommend our ultra-potent Hyaluronic C Serum or Idebenone Cream.
  • Under Eye Puffiness- Limit your intake of sodium. Sodium is known to make the body retain water, thereby causing eye puffiness and bags. Frozen food tends to be very high in sodium, avoid it if possible!
  • Acne and Blemishes- To instantly minimize a blemish, ice it for a full three minutes. Icing the blemish will reduce the inflammation, redness and swelling and increase the absorption of treatment products.  We created a convenient mini cold compress tool for this called the Ice Zit.
  • Rosacea- Try keeping your skin care products in the refrigerator (as an added bonus, this will also keep your skin care products fresh longer!). Cleansing and moisturizing with cool-temperature products will constrict the capillaries to ease redness and irritation. Also, try using our ALA cream – it’s phenomenal at reducing skin redness.
  • Sensitive Skin- Most people think they have sensitive skin because their skin gets irritated when using skin care products. It’s actually the harsh ingredients in most skin care products that are the problem, not your skin. Click here for a list of the irritating, pore clogging ingredients you want to avoid.
  • Dull, tired-looking skin- Has your skin lost its glow? To get your glow back, focus on eating a balanced, anti-inflammatory diet. What we put in our bodies will show on our skin. The best foods for your skin are salmon, berries, dark leafy greens, walnuts, and avocado. Also, make sure you get plenty of vitamin C: it increases cell turnover, helps protect against sun damage, and boosts the production of collagen and elastin in your skin.
  • Décolletage- Treat your décolletage with the same care as your face, EVERY DAY. The area has less oil glands, so it even more prone to wrinkling and dehydration. Make a habit of using all your skin care products on your neck and chest two times a day.

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2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Quick Tips for All Skin Concerns”

  1. I like the tip about the oily skin – i have oily skin and never thought to moisturize because I thought it would make it worse, not better. I am going to start moisturizing today!

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