The Delicious Summer Food that May be Breaking You Out

The Delicious Summer Food that May be Breaking You Out

Every year, without fail, we see an uptick in our clients breaking out during the summer months. Why is this? Because summer also happens to be the time when fruit consumption – particularly berry consumption – goes way up. While these high sugar, high acid fruits are plentiful (and delicious) in the summer months, you should also know that they cause a rapid increase your blood sugar, which spikes your insulin levels…. leading to acne growth.

But because berries are natural, most people forget the fact that they are still very high in sugar and eat them in large quantities.

Natural Sugar is Still Sugar!

Although berries are one of the most healthy ways to get a good boost in energy or satisfy a craving for something sweet, their quick absorption and high sugar content also creates spikes in blood sugar.Whether consumed through whole foods (like fruits) or in processed foods (like store-bought cereals), both natural and refined sugar stimulate the same initial response in the body. Insulin is released to help ensure that blood sugar—or blood glucose—levels are evenly regulated. Unfortunately, insulin also stimulates your skin to make those nasty, embarrassing pimples. Read more about the clinical proof of the link between sugar, dairy and acne here.

So, what’s the solution?

This summer, aim to eat fruits that are lowest in sugar and are more steadily absorbed into the bloodstream. Tomatoes, avocados, and green apples are all good options. If you do want some berries, try not to eat more than a handful every few days (especially if you are acne prone).

I want to be clear – having a few berries every once in a while will not break you out. Going on regular berry binges, however, will. So, unless you want that strawberry coming back as a juicy, red pimple on your nose, we recommend cutting back on your berry intake!

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