My Summer Skin Care Secrets

When the sun is out every day and the air is hot and humid particular skin issues tend to arise, namely – age spots, dryness and redness. Below are my essential tips that will give you glowing, flawless skin in the summer months.

Protection Against Age Spots

If you are a regular reader you know that I frequently mention sunscreen. Why do I always mention it? Because many people still only use sunscreen when they know they are going to be in direct sunlight (i.e. walking outside, going to the beach or pool, etc). Well, this is the problem. Sunscreen should really be called daylight screen, because it should be worn every time you leave the house in daylight, no matter what. Most of our sun exposure is actually incidental exposure during those times we aren’t protected – while driving, sitting near windows and even while sitting in the shade. Remember, if it’s daylight –wear your sunscreen!

Did you know that for men and women in the US, most wrinkles and sun spots appear on the left side of the face? This is from  sun exposure while driving. So, in addition to wearing sunscreen, I also recommend wearing a sun hat while driving.

Also – please be aware that all sunscreen is NOT created equal. Always opt for a mineral based sunscreen over a chemical based sunscreen. Learn why.

Protection Against Skin Dryness and Redness

In summertime, the skin tends to get dryer and redder because the external heat increases the temperature of your skin, causing it to dehydrate and get red.

To combat dryness in summer, opt for a light serum moisturizer (like our Hyaluronic C Serum or Green Tea Serum) rather than a heavier cream based product. Follow the serum with your Day 25 Cream; this will allow the serum to be sealed in, allowing it to penetrate deeper and last longer.

To combat summer redness, I recommend the following:

1)     Ice your face in the morning and evening to decrease inflammation and redness.

2)     Try keeping your skin care products in the refrigerator (as an added bonus, this will also keep your skin care products fresh longer!). Cleansing and moisturizing with cool-temperature products will constrict the capillaries to ease redness and irritation.

3)     Use Alpha Lipioc Acid. Alpha lipoic acid prevents skin cells from producing pro inflammatory chemicals called cytokines that seriously damage cells and accelerate the aging process. This helps reduce and prevent inflammation and redness in the skin.

Do you have any other skin issues that arise in the summer months? Please let me know below and I can provide you with some advice!









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