Melanie Vasseur’s Daily Skin Care Routine

As the face of Vasseur Skincare, my very livelihood depends on how my skin looks (you wouldn’t buy skin care from a woman with facial skin sagging down to her waist, would you?) So, I am extremely diligent in taking care of my skin every single day— no matter how sick, tired or busy I am. I’m proud to say that at 56, my skin is in excellent shape. Here is what I do every day to take care of my skin…

my skin today, age 56


I always start by cleansing – I use Foaming Cleanser in the mornings, as I find it cool and refreshing and it gives me a nice clean palate to work with. At least two times a week I gently exfoliate my skin with Exfoliating Cleanser.

Next I address my eye and mouth area with a Gold Serum/Eye Q Gel combo (yes, you can also use Eye Q to firm the mouth area!)

Then I use a serum – I switch off serums daily, today I used Green Tea Serum, which has antioxidants to protect and revitalize my skin.

I let this all set for a couple minutes and then I alternate daily using ALA to enhance my skin’s texture and DMAE cream to prevent facial skin sagging.

Last but not least I apply my Day 25 (remember to always put your sun protection on last!)


For many, applying skin care products in the morning is where their beauty ritual ends. But I am very conscious of taking care of my skin throughout the day. This typically includes the following:

  1. Wearing sunglasses and a sun hat whenever I go outside or drive. (Luckily, they make very chic sun hats these days. I remember when 80’s style visors were my best option…)

  1. Using Beauty Balm throughout the day to keep my lips soft and moisturized.
  2. Spritzing my face with Chamomile Toner to refresh my skin and get a dewy glow.
  3. Reapplying Day 25 two times a day.
  4. Wearing driving gloves while behind the wheel to prevent age spots on my hands (remember, your hands show your age, so don’t forget to take care of them!)


In the evenings I cleanse with Olive Oil Cleanser. This easily removes all of my makeup and leaves my skin soft and hydrated – it also has a foaming pump and makes a nice, rich later that I just love – it is definitely one of my favorite products.

I then use Eye Cream around my eye area and follow with a serum (ususally a different one than I use in the AM – today it was Copper Peptide Serum)

I follow this with Mandelic Acid or Reveal 10, I typically alternate between the two. In the dryer months I tend to use Mandelic Acid more often and in humid months I use Reveal 10 more often.

I let this set and then finish with either Night Cream or Supermoist.

Perhaps the most important element of my evening beauty ritual is my Beauty Pillow. Without it, not only would most of my skin care rub off onto my pillow, but I would be negating all of my hard work taking care of my skin by pressing wrinkles into my skin while sleeping!


In total, all of this takes about 5-10 minutes a day, which is probably longer than what most people spend on their skin– but I actually relish this pampering time I get every morning –it’s my beauty ritual, and I love it.

10 thoughts on “Melanie Vasseur’s Daily Skin Care Routine”

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  4. COOOL!!!
    Is amazing!!!
    Thank you for this heeeeelp what is a my bigest problem!!!
    Now i now how to make my everyday skin routine fabolous!!!

    THANK YOU!!!

    (You are the sister of Brittany Vasseur???)

    1. She’s her mother, and they do look like sisters, I just found out about this through Britney on youtube, I’m going to be a new customer,

  5. Love the entire Vasseur Skincare line. Reveal 10 is a wonder. I don’t get lazer treatments anymore because reveal 10 gives you a fresh new skin. I use it with a dab of Vasseur night cream and the following morning my skin looks great. Day glow 25 applied over one of Vasseurs many excellent moisturizers and you will be stopped and told your skin looks beautiful. I love it. And the fresh ingredients and the scent is heavenly. Once you have discovered Vasseur Skincare, you will never use anything else. Vasseur’s new Hydro glow mask is a skin changer.

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