British Skin Trends

In stark contrast to French women, British women tend to adopt a more down to earth, no fuss approach to beauty and skin care. Here are some of the things that we’ve learned:

— British women are believers that healthy skin starts from within. This means drinking water, tea and cutting out processed foods.

— Skin care products in Britian tend to be pared down, simple, affordable and multi-tasking. Rather than using multiple specialized skin care products like the French, British women tend to purchase fewer multi-tasking products.

— Argan oil and vitamin E are very popular skin care and hair care ingredients that are widely utilized in British skin care products.

— British women love their make up. They tend to be quirky, independent and bold with their make up choices and are generally more excited about make up than skin care.

— “Super facials” are popular indulgences for British women. These are facials that use specialized lasers or peels (rather than injectables like Botox) to freshen the skin.

— Many British women don’t start using skin care until they are in their 30’s and don’t start with facials until their 40’s.

— British women are particularly concerned with the aging of their jaw lines – this is more important to many than fine lines and wrinkles. Many will use firming creams around their jaw line or get specialized treatments for the jaw line.

3 thoughts on “British Skin Trends”

  1. I think that American women have a very similar attitudes to the English. As an esthetician many don’t start facials till 40 and are concerned with their jaw line. We need to more like the French.

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