Celebrity Skin Care Secrets

For celebrities, looking flawless is part of the job. With close ups, photo shoots and personal appearances the skin takes center stage, so it’s no surprise that celebrates are religious about taking care of their skin. Here are the top five skin care secrets that celebrities use to keep their skin looking young and gorgeous.

Secret #1: Celebrities pay attention to the ingredients in their skin care products. The trend of going chemical free and using natural ingredients on their skin is in full force. Avoiding skin care products with artificial fragrances, parabens, artificial colorants and sulfates (drying detergents found in most cleansers) is a must for most celebrities.

Secret #2: Celebrities care for their neck, chest and hands in addition to their face. These are the areas on the body that are often neglected and consequently, are dead giveaways of your age. Why? Because these areas don’t have as many reparative oil glands and are less elastic and contain thinner skin tissues than our faces- so damage happens quicker and is more apparent. Celebrities know this and are known to take extra care of their neck, chest and hands. Here are our tips for caring for your décolleté and your hands.

Secret #3: Celebrities stay out of the sun. While we might think of sun bathing as glamorous and sexy, celebrities know better. 70% of premature aging is attributed to sun exposure, and celebrities know it’s not worth it.  The long-term career of female actors can depend on how young and how good they look. So the daily use of sun protection for celebs is an absolute must—365 days a year, rain or shine, inside or out. Also, many celebrities take it a step further and wear sun hats, sunglasses and sun gloves while outside.

Did you know? The UVA rays (the ones that cause skin aging and skin cancer) are approximately the same strength year round –even in winter — and can penetrate through clouds.

Secret #4 Celebrities are facial addicts. Like the French, celebrities know the value of a good facial – and get them often. Celebrities in particular often experiment with different types of facials from chemical peels to microdermabrasion to light treatments. Because they are in the public eye their skin needs to look its best so they receive all the latest technology that skin care treatments offer.

Secret #5: Celebrities prep their skin before applying makeup. Celebrities know that dry skin looks old and emphasizes wrinkles. To minimize the look of wrinkles, celebrities will put on a coat of a gel based moisturizer or a serum before applying foundation in order to fill in any fine lines, smooth the skin and plump up the skin.

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Skin Care Secrets”

  1. For some it is more severe, especially for smokers or for those who have a particularly
    dry skin and have not done that much to protect it.

    Often select a shaving your face cream which does not cause any kind of redness or
    itching. A good cleanser should clean pores gently and leave
    skin feeling soft and supple.

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