How to Stop Wrinkles Before they Start

On Monday night I was watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (yes, I admit it!) when I noticed something – the otherwise gorgeous and young-looking Kyle Richards has a glaring issue: her hands are wrinkled and covered with age spots. While her face, hair and style are young and glamorous – her hands tell a different story. As I’ve said in previous posts: your hands, neck and eye area show your age first. So, you need to protect them. Here are some simple tips for preventing wrinkles before they form:

#1 – Wear a SPF 25 every day, rain or shine on your face, neck, chest and hands (and any other exposed area of the skin). And please note – the SPF in your makeup is not enough! Although your makeup may be SPF 15+, the quantity that you would need to apply to get true UV protection would make you look like a clown. Most sunscreens in makeup are chemical SPFs, which for the most part, not only aren’t great UVA protectors, but break down when exposed to UV.

#2 — Sleep on your back or on a Beauty Pillow. On a normal pillow, you sleep with your face area crushed into the pillow for 6-8 hours a night, which over time wears down the elastin in the area and the wrinkles become permanent. By sleeping on a back or a Beauty Pillow, you will keep your face off of the pillow and prevent the development of wrinkles while you sleep (read more about sleep wrinkles).

#3 – Wear driving gloves. Yes, you might think it’s ridiculous but we get most of our sun exposure from driving and our hands are sitting on the steering wheel in the blaring sun. Wearing chic sun gloves while driving will protect your delicate hand skin from sun damage and age spots.

#4 — Avoid squinting: Squinting creates motion wrinkles known as crow’s feet. Many people squint without knowing it. Ask people who see you every day to let you know when you’re squinting (I did this and I was shocked by how much I was squinting without realizing it). Squinting is common among people who are nearsighted and either do not wear glasses or have insufficiently strong ones. You also may be squinting when you’re outside and not wearing sunglasses – even when its not particularly bright out.

#5 — Don’t drink out or straws or water bottles and don’t smoke. The repeated expression of pursing the lips (most commonly done when drinking through straws or water bottles and smoking) contributes to wrinkles forming around the area. Be aware of your lip pursing and always drink out of a glass rather than a straw or water bottle.

#6 — Use a good moisturizer around the eyes and on the hands and neck in the PM. These areas do not have as many oil glands as your face and needs additional moisture to stay plump and wrinkle free. We recommend using Night Cream or Copper Peptide Serum before bed.

1 thought on “How to Stop Wrinkles Before they Start”

  1. These are great tips! It’s so true that your hands are a give-away to your age. I am going to look at the chic driving gloves for myself and also the beauty pillow seems very intriguing.

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