The Benefits of Airless Packaging for Skin Care


In recent years, airless packaging has become wildly popular. This is because airless packaging has three distinct benefits when compared to products that come in a jar:

  • Airless Packaging Keeps Skin Care Products Fresh Longer. Because the products have zero exposure to air, they can stay fresh almost three times longer! In addition, the ingredients are preserved and remain active and at their highest concentration. As a comparison — this is similar to vacuum sealing food before putting it in the freezer; the lack of air preserves the food longer.
  • Airless Packaging Prevents Contamination. With skin care products in a jar, you have to put your fingers in the jar to apply the product. This causes the bacteria and germs from our fingers to penetrate the product, which can compromise it over time. With airless containers, your fingers can not contaminate the products.
  • Airless Packaging Prevents Spills. Airless packaging is leak proof and tamper proof. This makes it much easier to ship and travel with.

At Vasseur, freshness and quality are our core values. We’re happy to announce that starting next week Vasseur Skincare will be introducing beautiful, airless packing for all of our skin care treatment products. 

5 thoughts on “The Benefits of Airless Packaging for Skin Care”

  1. G’Day! Freshandagelessblog,
    Thanks for the above, Avocado oil is a wonderful gift of nature, especially when it comes to skin care! Of all the ingredients used in natural skin care today, avocado oil definitely is one of the most moisturizing, hydrating substances that you could find in your daily skin care products. Let me tell you a bit more about this nourishing oil and its benefits in natural skin care.
    I’ll be back to read more next time

  2. I fully agree with your comments on the benefits in airless packaging. It’s great to use products that have a relatively long shelf life without need of preservatives.

  3. Vasseur Skin is constantly coming up with new products (my new favorite is olive oil cleanser) The airless packing allows longer shelf life but Vasseur products are so effective and smell so good that I am always running out of Super Moist, Green Tea Serum and the Tinted Day Glow sunscreen .

  4. Airless packaging is the future of packaging specifically for cosmetic brands due to number of benefits that it offers. First, it helps in boosting shelf life through cutting the products exposure to air thereby helping in preserving the quality of the item. Along, with that it also delivers improved functionality, as a product at the bottom can easily be extracted without extra efforts.

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