The Benefits of a Facial

Would you go months without working out and expect to be in your best shape? Would you gorge on junk food and expect to feel good and healthy? Such is the case with your skin. If you don’t maintain it with regular facials and good skin care, your skin is not going to look it’s best – period.

Over the years I have come to realize that most see facials as a rare indulgence—something for special occasions only. While we respect that this may always be the case for some, we want to spread awareness about the importance of facials as necessary maintenance in your health and beauty regime.

Think of it this way – while you may rather spend money on shoes, clothes or lattes, nothing about you is more important or visible than your face. You can’t change your face, or really even cover it up (foundation tends to emphasize imperfections rather than mask them—and nobody looks good in a ski mask). If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your complexion is the window to your health and beauty. We want that window to be flawless and glowing! Here’s why regular facials are the best way to do that:

  • Expertise:  Through exfoliation, deep-cleansing of the pores, stimulating improved circulation, and use of professional-strength products and equipment, your esthetician can make a lot of progress towards improving your skin in a single session. Much like a personal trainer, she has experience, techniques, products and equipment that cannot be replicated at home.
  • Deep and Thorough Cleaning: There are over 20,000 pores on your face alone- these pores are being bombarded with dirt and grime from not one, but two directions. Since your skin is an eliminating organ, toxins from sweat purge from the skin and linger there and external debris (dirt, pollution, bacteria from your hands) also get trapped and lodged into your pores. Not only does this contribute to dull looking, sallow complexion, for those who are acne prone, this bacteria lingering in your skin is the feeding ground for pimples. This is where a facial comes in. Your esthetician will perform extractions to remove the lodged in dirt and grime from your skin. During a facial, the skin is prepped and softened using concentrated steam from distilled water. This breaks up the dirt making it easier to purge. At this point, it needs a little push in order to come out. If it is not pushed out, then some will slough off naturally, but the deepest, most lodged in dirt will remain- this is why extractions are necessary to truly clean the skin. Be careful – if extractions are not performed by a professional they can damage your skin and make the problem worse. Learn more about the benefits of extractions here: Extractions 101.
  • Guidance: Finding the right skincare products can be both confusing and expensive.  Getting a professional facial cuts down on that mystery and provides you with invaluable guidance. The esthetician will analyze your skin and then customize the products they use during the facial according to your particular skin type and concerns. Without the training and knowledge of a licensed esthetician, it can be extremely difficult (and sometimes futile) endeavor finding the right products for your skin.  Your esthetician not only will use great products on your skin during the facial, they will also recommend the right products for your skin type for home use so that you can maintain your results at home.
  • Stress Relief: The stress of our hectic daily lives shows up in our skin so taking an hour to relax and be pampered will help you out both physically and emotionally.  Massage is a big part of a professional facial.  It helps you to relax and reduces the stress hormone cortisol. If cortisol is left to run amuck in the body it will only hurt you over time, and additionally massage releases oxytocin, which is one of the body’s main “feel good” hormones.

With all of that being said, we recommend you get regular facials monthly or bi-monthly (at Vasseur, we have a monthly facial program to make it more affordable). You will be amazed by what a difference this will make in your skin.

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