Is your skin stuck in a rut? Try this simple trick

Seasonal transitions can send your skin into a tailspin. The skin on your face is constantly exposed to the environment and is very sensitive to change –so the change from the cool and dry winter air to the warm and breezy spring often results in dull, lifeless and blotchy skin. If you’re feeling like your skin has lost its luster then it’s time to kick your skin care regime up a notch by adding a serum under your moisturizer in the AM and PM.

Serums contain highly concentrated ingredients chemically formulated into molecules much smaller than those in creams, and are absorbed more quickly and deeply into the skin for a highly intensive effect. By applying a serum closest to the skin after cleansing it is able to penetrate the skin more deeply. Following this immediately with a moisturizer will lock the nutrients into the skin.

Here’s what to do: In the AM apply a serum under your Day 25 and in the PM apply a serum under your supermoist, hydro gel or night cream. After a week, you will notice a visible difference.

Vasseur Skincare has two specially-formulated serums:

  • Green Tea Serum is our skin rejuvenating treatment that helps reduce wrinkle depth, brightens and tones the tissue, and offers strong antioxidant protection for the skin. Intense moisture and high levels of green tea extract (15%) infuse anti-oxidants in the skin and naturally reduce inflammation. (For more about green tea and its skin benefits click here).
  • Hyaluronic C Serum is our deeply moisturizing collagen-building treatment. This serum contains hyaluronic acid (15%) for deeply penetrating moisture and high-potency vitamin C, which is essential for the synthesis of collagen, a key structural protein of the skin. When infused together, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C work to improve skin texture, deeply hydrate the skin and stimulate collagen production for a dewy, healthy glow.

Try this trick today and get your glow back for spring!

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