Help Prevent Skin Cancer with a Chemical Peel

Did you know that getting a semi-annual peel can help prevent the development of skin cancer?

Professional chemical peels are powerful, concentrated skin exfoliants that use prescription chemicals to strip the skin’s top layers and reveal a new, fresh complexion.

Chemical peels are not just for vanity – they are actually powerful enough  to strip the skin of precancerous cells, thus preventing the disease from taking hold. Many dermatologists prescribe the Jessner’s peel, a very effective medium-strength peel that treats wide facial areas that have precancerous lesions.

Aside from skin cancer prevention, peels are also used to rejuvenate sun-damaged skin, as the peels discard damaged top layers and reveal fresh new layers. Note that when getting a peel your skin can be red and peeling for 3-5 days afterwards, so plan accordingly. If you are prone to skin cancer, we recommend bi-monthly peels, if you are just interested in general prevention a bi-annual peel is a great cancer prevention measure.

Live in San Diego? Book a chemical peel at the Vasseur Skin Clinic & Spa.

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