Reveal 10 versus Mandelic Acid Serum: What to Choose?

One of the most common questions that we get from clients is whether they should use Reveal 10 or Mandelic Acid Serum.

Both products are chemical exfoliants that work to remove the dead cells from the outer layer of the skin to expose fresher  living cells underneath. Exfoliating has a number of skin benefits: it gives you fresher, brighter looking skin, it reduces skin buildup that leads to acne and also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Chemicial exfoliants use alpha hydroxyl acids that cause dead skin cells in the epidermis to separate from one another, allowing new skin cells to resurface. Studies have shown that alpha hydroxy acids also encourage elastin and collagen production, two components that contribute to firm, smooth and toned skin. Skin benefits associated with alpha hydroxy acids include wrinkle reduction, increased smoothness, reduction in skin discoloration and sun damage. They also help prevent the development of acne by removing skin buildup and bacteria from the skin.

Key differences between Reveal 10 and Mandelic Acid Serum

Reveal 10 contains a cocktail of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs): lactic acid, glycolic acid and mandelic acid. Because it contains all three AHA’s it is very potent and can cause mild tingling when applied to the skin. USE REVEAL 10 IF: You have normal to oily skin and are looking for faster results on reducing fine lines, clearing acne or enhancing your overall complexion. If you have sensitive or dry skin, Reveal 10 can cause dryness, redness or peeling.

Mandelic Acid Serum, by contrast, contains only mandelic acid, which is a larger molecule that penetrates the skin slowly and is less likely to cause irritation. USE MANDELIC ACID SERUM IF: you have sensitive or dry skin. When using mandelic acid wait at least 30 minutes before applying any other skin product, as it takes 20-30 minutes to fully penetrate the skin.

A Note on Acne

If you have mild to moderate acne, it’s best to use Reveal 10 or Mandelic Acid Serum if you have small bumps on your skin versus red, inflamed pimples. If you have the latter, it’s recommended that you use a benzoclear and kiss zit goodbye combo.

If you have any questions about what products are best for your skin, you can ask your question to our skin experts via email by using this link.

7 thoughts on “Reveal 10 versus Mandelic Acid Serum: What to Choose?”

  1. I love, love, love the Mandelic serum. Use it every day, 2x a day. Question though- What are the acid concentrations for Reveal 10?

      1. A very interesting prpaosol. I want to add comments but I see that there has been little participation. I’ll put it in favorites and return later. Excellent blog!

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