The Benefits of Topical Vitamin C for Your Skin


In addition to using a moisturizer containing antioxidants (like Day 25), topical applications of highly concentrated Vitamin C has been shown to prevent premature skin aging by fighting free radicals, lighten skin discoloration and actually increase the sun protection in a sunscreen!

How it works

Vitamin C, when applied topically, has two primary benefits to the skin: the first is that it works to increase and strengthen the synthesis of collagen. The second is that it’s a powerful antioxidant that reduces skin damage caused by free radicals. The combined effect of Vitamin C on the skin is the reduction in skin wrinkles and improved skin texture. When using high quality Vitamin C skincare products, the results can de dramatic.

What to Look For

It is critical to be able to distinguish the Vitamin C-based products that work from the synthetic fluff. Especially with this type of skin care product, all are not created equal. Here is what to look for:

1) Oxidation. When exposed to air for long periods, Vitamin C loses it’s skin benefits and actually can contribute to the formation of free radicals. Many Vitamin C skin care products become oxidized during the manufacturing process by being exposed to air for long time periods before being packed and sealed. Vasseur Skincare’s Vitamin C cream, Ester C, is formulated to minimize exposure to air and then immediately pumped into airless containers as to keep the product at its most potent. In addition to purchasing Vitamin C products that are in airless containers, you can also increase the quality of the product by putting it in the refrigerator.

To avoid purchasing products that are already oxidized, you should look for high quality manufactures and for your product to be white of off white in color, not dark yellow. In general, the more yellow the product, the more it has been oxidized. Vasseur takes special care while we make our products to avoid exposing the active ingredients to air- we will also be switching to all airless containers in Fall 2011 to prevent oxidation while applying the product.

2) Concentration. Vitamin C products have very little effect on the skin if they are not in a concentration of 10% or higher. When in doubt, ask the company the percentage of active Vitamin C in the product that you are considering. Vasseur products containing Vitamin C have a concentration of 15%.

3) Type of Vitamin C. Look at the ingredient list and ensure that your Vitamin C products are made with Ascorbyl palmate rather than L absorbic acid. L absorbic acid is a cheaper alternative with a higher PH (more acidic) and oxidizes much faster. Ascorbyl palmate, by contrast, is faster to penetrate the skin, has a lower PH and is more stable. Based on empirical observation, we have seen that about 75% of Vitamin C skin care products on the market contain L absorbic acid.

Vasseur Skincare’s concentrated Vitamin C product, Ester C, and is made with high potency Ascorbyl palmate. You can learn more about it here:

14 thoughts on “The Benefits of Topical Vitamin C for Your Skin”

  1. I just found your website as I had a huge skin breakout after going through a lot of stress. I purchased the daily cleanser and the Reveal 10 and I was sent samples of the papaya toner and healing serum. Within two days my skin was already healing and less than a week later it is looking amazing!!! I am hooked!!!! Thank you for the samples and the wonderful products.

  2. I want to know that does applying vit c in natural form,e.g. Applying lemon or papaya,have the same beneficial effect on skin?

  3. […] Maintaining the fresh and rejuvenated look is much easier when your skin is naturally healthy and glowing. Many busy moms can benefit from a spa facial now and then, but it’s also a good idea to use products like topical vitamin C if you want to bring out that inner glow and create that fresh, rejuvenated appearance. Topical vitamin C products can be especially beneficial for aging skin. Here are some beauty tips for brightening the skin with topical vitamin C. […]

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