11 Quick Tips for Flawless Skin!


1 ) If you have tried everthing and your skin still wont clear up, try an elimination diet. Diet and skin are related and many times sensitivity to one ingredient will lead to breakouts. Cut out dairy, sugar and grains (refined wheat – crackers, white pasta, cookies) for two weeks. Then reintroduce one at a time to see what your skin is most reactive to.


2) For acne prone skin change your pillowcases nightly and use and gentle detergent. Bacteria and oil can get reintroduced onto the skin while you sleep. Or sleep on your back use a beauty pillow so your face doesn’t touch the pillow.


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3) The best way to shrink large pores? A clean pore is a small looking pore. A large pore is like a full water balloon, you exfoliate to clean/empty out the pore and thus it constricts and looks smaller! Regular facials and exfoliation (chemical and physical, 2-3x week). Glycolic acids


4) After washing cleansing your face with lukewarm water splash with cold water to instantly constrict your pores and smooth your skin



5) Think of your skin as a delicate flower, something that needs to be handled very gently. Rubbing and tugging at the skin and treating it roughly will damage collagen and skin elasticity over time. It’s better to use baby washcloths or microfiber cloths on the skin vs regular ones which can be rough on the skin. Regular wash cloths can be too rough on the skin…. Go into the baby section of target etc to find them.


6) When removing eye makeup don’t rub. Hold for 30 seconds and let dissolve then gently remove. Tugging at the eye area will damage collagen and lead to wrinkles.


7) We all know sun protection is important, especially on the face to prevent premature wrinkles (70% of wrinkles due to sun exposure, and eye area wrinkles are typically the first to appear!) Exfoliating the skin and using chemical exfoliates, alpha hydroxyl acids etc can make the skin up to 45% more sensitive so it’s even more critical to wear sunscreen daily and protect your face. I apply day 25 (broad spectrum spf 25 then I bring a powder sunscreen with me to reapply easily and also mattefys the skin!)


8) Your neck, chest and back of hands are some of the first areas that show signs of aging (because the skin is thinner in these areas) , so also apply your skin care products there as well!



9) Are you ever guilty of being too tired or lazy some nights to wash your face and do your full skin care routine? My tip is to get into the routine of performing your nighttime routine earlier in the evening- 6 or 7pm. I personally get into my PJ’s right after dinner and do my skin care then while I still have the energy!


10) To increase hydration, especially in dryer fall/winter months spray your toner, leave your skin slightly damp, and apply your moisturizer. This will lock in the moisture.


11) Want glowing skin? Increasing blood flow to your skin will make it look glowing and more plump and youthful. Regular exercise helps with this. Another tip is to massage your face gently in circular motions while applying your am + pm moisturizer. This will also help with dark circles & puffiness.


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  1. I would like to ask you what you think about the clarisonic. I question if it can break down collagen and damage elasticity over time.

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