How to Make a Vision Board for the New Year!

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Now, I’m aware that it may seem cliché to think about goals in the New Year, but some cliché’s are good! I personally believe that deciding what it is you want out of life is sometimes the hardest step, and I’ve found a staggering number of people go though life with no real goals or direction. So, I say, embrace the cliché! Think about your goals. Decide what you want out of life. Make a vision board this year.

I started making vision boards about 4 years ago after watching the movie “The Secret” (which is streaming on Netflix if you haven’t seen it). I am an optimist by nature, so I thought, “why not try it?”


Here is my video on my process for making my annual vision board, which also includes a DIY for how to make a pretty fabric cork board

One thing I didn’t mention in this video is that you can have a vision boarding party. First off, this will make you more likely to actually do one and second, it’s surprisingly fun! In the past I’ve had vision boarding parties with friends over tea and snacks on a Sunday and one year I had one over wine and desserts on a Friday night.

Here are a few photos of vision boards that I found online that I like for even more ideas:

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 1.12.40 PM



You can also google image search “vision board” “inspiration board” and “dream board” for lots of photos. Here is my 2015 vision board with an overview of my 2015 goals:

vision board 2

As you can see I divided my board into sections – love, youtube, family and health.



Last year on my vision board I had photos of my dream engagement ring and one year later that came true! Since I’m not planning on having a wedding (yes, it’s true! I’m just not that into weddings) so my focus is more on the future and building a family.

The old couple kissing represents my goal of having a lasting love with Ryan. I would love to be that cute and happy when i’m old (although when my mom saw this photo she said “Brittany, you will be much more glamorous when you’re old. Haha, um…thanks….).

In terms of the adorable little girl, she represents my goal of starting a family. This is something I would like to do in late 2015 or 2016. My dream is to have two girls, but obviously I will be happy with any child, I know you don’t get to pick these things in life. In fact, because I want girls so badly I’m convinced I’m going to end up with 5 crazy, rowdy boys.

There are also photos of my dream home because Ryan and I are saving for a house – these are just some ideas on what I would like that house to look like 🙂



Youtube has become my surprise passion! This is mainly because it allows me to express my creativity and connect with so many people. My mom and friends kept telling me to make videos for YEARS (literally, at least 3 years) and I finally bit the bullet and did it this year. Fun fact, youtube was on my vision board last year, with 20,000 subscribers as my goal and I beat my own goal with close to 40,000 subscribers! So this year I’m setting my goals higher!! 1 million! I do believe that I can meet that goal, maybe not in a year, but in the near future.

My “youtube idols” are Alisha Marie and Eva (from mylifeaseva) – these two girls in particular always put out high quality, fun videos with great ideas. They also have amazing energy and personalities and make me happy just to watch. That is what I’d like to acheive in every one of my videos, and in addition, teach people things and go beyond the surface. I find sometimes youtube beauty gurus can focus on the superficial (makeup! fashion! hauls!) and while those are fun, I’d like to explore other topics beyond that – health, wellness, spirituality, confidence, etc. That’s actually why I made this video on vision boarding. I wasn’t going to make it into a video, and to be honest, I don’t think it will get a lot of views, but it might inspire just a few people and that’s enough for me.



My main health goals are to cook more and to challenge myself to make one new, exciting, vegetable-based recipe a week. I am going to start getting farmer’s market boxes again ($20 for a big box of local, organic produce) so I will have lots of veggies on hand.

I would like to continue with my Pilates (I currently do 2 days a week, I want to increase that to 3 or 4) and also start taking advanced level – I’m currently intermediate. The plank pose, which is one of the main exercises in Pilates, is really difficult for me so one major goal is to be able to hold a plank for 3 minutes without feeling like I’m going to die. This one might be a stretch, haha.

My other goals that are not represented on this board:

  • Work on being less sensitive/hard on myself
  • Have more compassion for others/judge less
  • Believe in myself
  • Be a better friend, daughter, sister and partner – listen more and help others meet their goals

Okay, that’s about it for today! Please let me know your 2015 goals in the comments!

xx Brittany

12 thoughts on “How to Make a Vision Board for the New Year!”

  1. Plank for 3 minut? You could try the “30dayPlankChallenge”, maybe that will help. 🙂

    My Goals for this year Is:
    – I Will like to be better to take care off my skin. (Skincare)
    – I will like tot take better care of my body, (eat more healthy stuff, and work out)
    – I will like to try to be better to say yes to try new stuff.

    Thank you for this post, i think i will make my vision board on Pinterest. 🙂
    (I from denmark, so don’t judge me, if my english is not that perfekt. 😉 )

  2. Hi Brittany!
    I was wondering if you could give some insight into why you and Ryan have decided to NOT have a wedding? Some of us girls out there are weighing our options and any additional opinions on this highly controversial issue are always valued! Keep up the amazing videos!

  3. Hi Brittany,
    I enjoy all your videos on youtube. You bring so much energy to them which makes them so enjoyable. I like the fact that you cover a variety of subjects rather than just makeup and fashion. I love, love, love the recipes 🙂
    My goals for 2015 are:
    Eat healthy
    Lose weight and tone up
    Learn a new language

    Keep up the good work on youtube x

  4. I’ve just recently happened upon your YouTube channel and I really enjoy your videos so just wanted to say hello and well done on following your passion and I’ll have a look at the vision board upload very soon ✨

  5. OOOO!!!

    XOXO HANNAH!!!******

  6. Thank you so much for this post (I stopped in the middle of reading it to say this!). I recently saw The Secret and found your channel a couple weeks ago. I googled your name because I want details on the mother’s day gift ideas you made. Tomorrow is my son’s last day in pre-k so I definitely want to make his teachers some quality gifts!
    I love your creativity! I love your giving spirit! Thank you for shining and sharing with us 🙂

  7. Hi, thank you so much for all the videos and topics you have on your channel. Seriously, you cannot even imagine how your Declutter/Planner videos have helped me so far!!! I am not even kidding. You are the only youtuber who gives advice that REALLY works! I really wish you’d do even more videos.
    Please do not change who you are and keep sharing with us !

    Congrats on your baby!!

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