My Holy Grail Skin Care Product! Hydroxy Glow

Hydroxy Glow Mask and Oil

Hey guys! So today I’m talking about a skin care product that I’m particularly excited about – because I actually helped develop it! I may be biased, but it’s my DREAM MASK called Hydroxy Glow. I wanted something hydrating and anti-aging that would give an instant visible glow and smoothness to the skin and I had not found anything that fit this niche. So I begged my mom to come up with something and I’ve been extremely involved in the process – from hand picking out my favorite ingredients to even naming the product! I have been testing different versions since last April – yes that long – I’m probably the pickiest person you’ve ever met and I wanted it to be perfect.



If you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know about my love affair with alpha hydroxy acids and their power to exfoliate and smooth the skin. So that’s the basis for the mask – hence the name Hydroxy Glow. It contains lactic and glycolic acid at pH 3.5 (the ideal pH for maximum effectiveness) and you will know it’s working because the mask tingles when it’s applied -that tingle is your dead skin being gently dissolved. The hydroxy acids work by removing the “glue” from the upper layer of skin that holds onto the old, dead skin cells. Lactic acid primarily exfoliates the top, dead layer of skin & gives an instant glow while glycolic acid (a smaller molecule) goes deeper into the skin and helps stimulate the growth of new collagen.

The mask also has some of my other favorite all star skin nourishing and anti aging antioxidants -Alpha Lipoic Acid, Ester C (Vitamin C), DMAE, and Glutathione to nourish, hydrate and restore the skin.

Here’s the best part – it comes with a beauty oil to apply after using the mask and this takes it over the top – it feels like you have newborn baby skin.

Since I’ve been so involved with this product I was able to get a discount code only for my blog readers for $10 off  use code GLOWMASK  (through April 3, 2016). View the product here.

Next week’s post will be all about dealing with hormonal acne so make sure you’re subscribed to this blog (upper right side of the page) to be notified via email when I post! Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you guys soon!



3 thoughts on “My Holy Grail Skin Care Product! Hydroxy Glow”

  1. Aww so happy for you congrats! Def need to buy this 😋! I also wanted to ask, I want to start a blog and was wondering if you have any tips? It will be beauty fitness and nutrition

  2. Do you use this in place of the standalone ALA, DMAE products? I’m in my late 20s and have been using ALA + DMAE primarily to address large pores but also overall anti-aging treatment. Curious how to fit this new product in my routine. Thanks!

  3. I am really enjoying the mask, and the beauty oil is awesome! The mask is clear, so as it sits on my face for 15 or 20 minutes, nobody in my house looks at me and gets scared!!!

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