The skin care product that you should be using — but probably aren’t

Here’s something that I’ve noticed in my 25+ years working with skin:  the people who take care of their eye area tend to be the people who have the best skin. This is because these are a self-selecting group of people who understand that the eye area is extremely delicate and requires special care. In… Continue reading The skin care product that you should be using — but probably aren’t

Power Product Combinations for Dramatic Results!

They say two heads are better than one-- well, in skin care, often times two products used together can be even more powerful in getting you results for your skin. All of the following power product combinations came directly from our clients- and our clients know better than anyone what works for their skin. FINE… Continue reading Power Product Combinations for Dramatic Results!

How to Stop Wrinkles Before they Start

On Monday night I was watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (yes, I admit it!) when I noticed something – the otherwise gorgeous and young-looking Kyle Richards has a glaring issue: her hands are wrinkled and covered with age spots. While her face, hair and style are young and glamorous – her hands tell… Continue reading How to Stop Wrinkles Before they Start

Our Favorite Quick Tips for All Skin Concerns

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we at Vasseur want to make sure that you take the time to love your skin too! Here are some of our favorite skin care tips for the most common skin concerns. Large pores- The best way to minimize the appearance of large pores? Exfoliate. This reduces how deep… Continue reading Our Favorite Quick Tips for All Skin Concerns