New Celebrity Skin Care Trend – the Liquid Facelift

Have you heard the buzz about the liquid facelift? This is a relatively new skin care treatment quickly growing in popularity among men and women that want a non-surgical way to dramatically enhance the appearance of facial wrinkles and skin sagging. The procedure involves the use of injectables to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and… Continue reading New Celebrity Skin Care Trend – the Liquid Facelift

Introducing the Fab Four Anti-Aging Serums!

I am so thrilled to introduce Vasseur Skincare's new Fab Four Serums - they are the most potent and highly tailored anti-aging products I have ever created. Serums are distinct because they contain highly concentrated ingredients chemically formulated into molecules much smaller than those in creams, and are absorbed more quickly and deeply into the skin for… Continue reading Introducing the Fab Four Anti-Aging Serums!

Green Tea and Anti-Aging: All Hype or the Next Big Thing?

Green tea and its skin benefits have been everywhere recently – from Marie Claire to the New York Times to Dr. Oz - and is being touted as the latest and greatest ingredient that can help reduce sun damage and revitalize aging skin. But is this just a passing fad or a serious player in… Continue reading Green Tea and Anti-Aging: All Hype or the Next Big Thing?