It’s Proven: Sugar and Dairy Cause Acne

I've been saying for 25 years: there is a definite link between diet and the skin. This is a fact that many don't want to believe...but if you are only treating acne with topical products you are addressing the symptoms and not the cause. To get rid of blemishes for good, you need to address… Continue reading It’s Proven: Sugar and Dairy Cause Acne

Cosmetics and Acne, the Unfortunate Link

Today's post is another excerpt from my book Under My Skin about the link between cosmetics and acne. If an evil genius wished to harm the skin of men and women, he could not have devised a better tool than cosmetics. Rubbing pore-clogging ingredients into the skin is the worst possible thing an acne sufferer… Continue reading Cosmetics and Acne, the Unfortunate Link

A Blemish Treatment Secret You Probably Don’t Know

So, you have a blemish - it's big, it's ugly, it's the only thing you can see on your face - what do you do? You take your treatment product and apply it to the zit....right? WRONG. Below is an excerpt from my eBook Under My Skin that clears up this very common blemish misconception. "Acne sufferers who… Continue reading A Blemish Treatment Secret You Probably Don’t Know

Your Diet and Your Skin

The following is an excerpt from my book Under My Skin. If you like what you read, you can purchase the eBook at Diet and the Skin A well-balanced diet combining vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates and protein offers the vitamins, minerals and nutrients we need to not “stress” the body and keep the skin… Continue reading Your Diet and Your Skin