Your Pillow is Causing Wrinkles: Sleep Wrinkles 101

Where Do Wrinkles Start? Just as your mother warned you, "If you make your face like that, it will stay that way," sleeping a certain way on a pillow can leave your face just as it is when sleeping: Creased and wrinkled. This skin is made up of three layers: The epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. As… Continue reading Your Pillow is Causing Wrinkles: Sleep Wrinkles 101

The Benefits of Airless Packaging for Skin Care

  In recent years, airless packaging has become wildly popular. This is because airless packaging has three distinct benefits when compared to products that come in a jar: Airless Packaging Keeps Skin Care Products Fresh Longer. Because the products have zero exposure to air, they can stay fresh almost three times longer! In addition, the… Continue reading The Benefits of Airless Packaging for Skin Care

Melanie Vasseur’s Daily Skin Care Routine

As the face of Vasseur Skincare, my very livelihood depends on how my skin looks (you wouldn’t buy skin care from a woman with facial skin sagging down to her waist, would you?) So, I am extremely diligent in taking care of my skin every single day— no matter how sick, tired or busy I… Continue reading Melanie Vasseur’s Daily Skin Care Routine