How Do Your Skin Care Needs Change as You Age?

How Do Your Skin Care Needs Change as You Age?

Recently, many young starlets have publicly revealed that they use anti-aging products. Three weeks ago, 21 year-old Vanessa Hudgens admitted that she uses anti-aging products as a prevention mechanism, saying, “You might as well start now, put a little lotion on rather than having to get wrinkles. I think it’s smart to start soon. It’s a good beauty tip”. This begs the question – at what age should you start using anti-aging products? What products does your skin really need as you go from 20 to 30 to 40 and beyond?

I personally promote a strategic, science-based approach to selecting skin care as you age. With that in mind, below is a comprehensive (and hopefully fascinating) overview of your key skin changes and primary skin care needs as you age.

In Your Twenties: Prevention

If you are in your 20s, you should approach skin care with prevention in mind. The twenties is not yet time for aggressive wrinkle treatments that modify skin physiology; it is too early to tinker with cell growth rate or aggressively stimulate collagen. Therefore, highly potent anti-aging products with ingredients like retinoids (e.g. Retin A), DMAE or Idebenone are generally inappropriate.

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