The 12 Worst Skin Care Mistakes!

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Using toothpaste to treat a pimples — baking soda (skin is naturally acidic, baking soda is high alkaline- compromises lipid barrier), sodium laurel sulfate- harshly drying soap & highly alkaline, mint is an irritant, and silica is an abrasive. For an effective spot treatment use clay mask — I recommend Maxiclear Advance by Vasseur Skincare

Popping pimples at home. By popping your own pimples you are breaking skin and immediately putting dirt and oils into the open skin. This can cause infections and much, much larger issues, like more aggressive acne and scarring.
Sticking your finger in your skin care container – Since your fingers are usually your applicator, bacteria build up fast in bottles and in makeup sponges, then end up on your face. Use a qtip or opt for skin care products in airless containers, like Vasseur Skincare.

Touching your face throughout the day. More than likely you touch your face constantly throughout the day. Every time you do that, you’re adding to the dirt, oil and bacteria that can get under your skin and cause problems.
Skipping moisturizer because your skin is too oily. In reality, if skin gets too dry, especially if you’re already using acne treatments, which can be very drying, your acne can get worse.
Ignoring your diet — dairy, sugar and processed foods in particular. Watch my video “why your skin care isn’t working” to learn more.

Not wearing sunscreen daily & not reapplying . Your foundation is not enough

Overexfoliating or harshly exfolating — Causes dryness, inflammation, destroying healthy cells, promoting skin discoloration, and stripping away healthy oils and bacteria.

Using cleansers with sulfates and alcohol SD-40, isopropyl alcohol – irritant for acne-prone and senstive skin types, leading to redness, dryness, and in some cases, brown spots and premature aging.

Taking a hot shower to “open the pores” Hot water dissolves your natural body oils and makes skin dry.

Using eye cream with mineral oil or petroleum — Since these ingredients are not absorbed easily, they sit on the surface and suffocate the skin.

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