Eye Care 101: How to Prevent and Reduce Eye Wrinkles

Did you know the eye area is the first area on your face that shows signs of aging and is a dead giveaway of your age? Those who take special care of their eye area age better than those who don’t.

In today’s video we go over how our eye area is different from other areas on our face and the main causes and solutions for eye area wrinkles. This video includes a giveaway where we will pick THREE winners to get a eye treatment product of their choice. Watch the video for more info, closes this Friday Feb 14th, 2014!

2 thoughts on “Eye Care 101: How to Prevent and Reduce Eye Wrinkles”

  1. Vasseur Eye Q Gel and Vasseur Eye cream combined is like getting an eye lift without the surgery. All Vasseur products are far superior to any creams on the market. I guess that is why celebrities who use Vasseur Skincare creams won’t go anywhere without them as quoted in Style Magazine and Us Magazine.

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