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15 Best Amazon Products Under $15 (You Need in your Life!)

As the self-proclaimed “Amazon Queen” I have pretty much seen it all, and these are my 2022 picks for the all-time best Amazon products under $15 in home, beauty, and lifestyle!  To see these in action you can watch my youtube video here OR scroll down to read below!

You can watch this on YouTube or read on for the exact links, why I love these products, and why you need them in your life, too.

1 The E-Cloth Window Cleaning Kit

Throw away all of your chemical cleaning supplies for cleaning your mirrors, windows, and shower doors… and don’t forget your car windows too (goodbye Windex).

You use this with ONLY WATER!

This special waffle-weave cloth gives you streak-free windows and removes grime and 99% bacteria. What I especially love about this is that it replaces up to 100 paper towel rolls and 4 chemical spray bottles because the E-Cloth is washable. Just wet, wipe and reuse.

Purchase the E-Cloth here.

2 The Stainless Steel E-Cloth

The brother to the above clothes, I’m naming this guy ‘Sexy Mr. Steel.’ He helps you keep your stainless steel appliances looking grime and fingerprint-free.

These clothes are environmentally friendly – you can wash them in the laundry instead of using paper towels and chemicals.

You only dampen Mr. Steel with water and erase those streaks and smudges and then dry it off with the polishing cloth to restore the shine. Remember one of my previous tips when polishing stainless steel – go with the grain of the steel.

Purchase Mr. Steel here.

3 Coffee Pod Stick-On Organizers

This product is going crazy on Tik-Tok right now. Wow, I hadn’t thought that the space that those boxes and boxes of coffee pods take up could be saved!

It’s a specialty organizer for your coffee pods – Nespresso pods, K-cup pods, whatever pods you use… attach them under your cabinet or even inside the door of your cabinet – up out of the way – the most genius space-saver.

I have them under my cabinet. perfectly lined up, up out of the way, and not taking up any space at all.

To find this must-have organizer, click here.

4 Wireless Doorbell

The push-button part of this doorbell attaches right outside your front door for guests to ring and then you can plug in the bell part wherever you’d like it inside your house. This is perfect if you have a crazy dog or sleeping baby, you don’t have to wake up the whole house. It has 5 different volume levels and 50 varieties of sounds and tones.

Two other ways to use this are:
a. Put the bell part in your teenager’s room to let them know to come down for meals or that you’re ready to leave.
b. If you have someone in your home that is sick, let them have the push-button part and ring it to let you know they need assistance.

Get the wireless doorbell here.

5 Headband Headphones

These Bluetooth wireless headphones connect to your phone. You can be watching a show, listening to music, or just playing white noise in the background and aren’t going to be disturbed by what’s going on around you.

Both Ryan and I have a pair of these headphones and I have to say that I’d consider these a marriage-saver. I’m a light sleeper and he’s a loud breather… that’s all that needs to be said. 🙂

Unlike most earbuds, these don’t hurt your ears when you lay on them. They are very comfortable.

To get one (or two!) order here.

6 THE Best Brow Pen

I haven’t heard anyone else talking about this brow pen by NYX. It has a very fine, flexible micro-brush tip to make that tiny microblade look on your eyebrows.

Am I the only one who overplucked in the ’90s?

It is such a realistic hairlike look as you draw the fine lines.

To get the brow pen, go to Amazon here.

7 Lash Primer

This Cover Girl lash primer makes your lashes look thicker and longer from root to the tip.

It’s a creamy formula made with argan, jojoba, and coconut oils that strengthens and conditions your lashes to get them ready for your mascara.

Purchase the Lash Primer here.

8 Lash Comb

This is THE best lash comb. If you have another lash comb, throw that one away and get this one.

After you put your mascara on, this will comb and separate your lashes with its super-fine tips.

You can find this lash comb on Amazon here.

9 Sky High Mascara

You all helped me find the best mascara. So thank you for recommending this!

The Sky High Mabelline mascara has over 85,000 reviews on Amazon. It gives me the longest lashes ever.

Try this top-rated mascara here.

10 My New Ring

This is the ring that went viral on TikTok. She compared this $18 ring to her real ring which was $18K! – hardly a noticeable difference. There is nothing like losing your wedding ring. I got this after I lost my ring in Vegas (which I did find BTW).

I realized that it’s always good to have a secondary ring to wear to the beach or on vacation that will be okay to lose instead of my real wedding ring.


To get one for yourself, click here.

11 Ring Cleaner

Another Amazon favorite under $15 is the Diamond Dazzle Stik. The best, most affordable way to clean your jewelry. This stick has the cleaning solution built into it and you just brush it on your jewelry, rinse it off, and dry it.

I use this every week on my jewelry. Your jewelry will be sparkly again.

Purchase the Diamond Dazzle Stik here.

12 Museum Gel

I had 2 million views on my TikTok when posted a video about Museum Gel. You use this clear product to anchor down items in your house so that your child or your cat doesn’t bump into a shelf causing your decor to fall over.

It’s a clear, tacky gel to hold your decor items. It’s non-toxic and doesn’t damage your shelf or the item.

To try this in your home, click here.

13 Toilet Bowl Light

I found this toil bowl light out of desperation to help the men in my life from missing the toilet bowl. This is a ‘must-have’ for your own sanity. It lights up the bowl and makes a good spotlight on where to aim.

To add this to your cart, ladies, go here!

14 Faux Coffee Table Books

Want to elevate your coffee table or bookshelf? Get these faux books – they are actually storage boxes that look like books!

Most coffee table books are there for looks anyway, if we’re honest. So get these clever, beautiful books for your home.

To purchase these faux coffee table books, click here.

15 12 Piece Makeup Brush Set

The last item, not in the video, is this handmade, bamboo handle cosmetic brush set. There are brushes for liquid makeup, brushes for powders, brushes for eyes, and lips, too.

It has every brush you would need to do your makeup and comes with a little travel bag.

Try them out for yourself, here.

There you have it – the best 15 Amazon products that are under $15. If you like this list and want more, here are more of my Amazon favorites:

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