Natural Treatments for Hormonal Acne

 What is Hormonal Acne? Hormonal acne is acne that is triggered by an excess of androgenetic hormones in your body and is characterized by blemishes that tend to appear in monthly cycles- typically one week before and two weeks after menstruation- and is not highly responsive to topical treatments. Hormones and Acne, what's going on in… Continue reading Natural Treatments for Hormonal Acne

Mandelic Acid — All-star Acne Treatment

Mandelic Acid Serum contains Mandelic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid.  Derived from bitter almonds, it is highly effective in treating acne without drying out the skin. The reason for this is that it’s molecular structure is larger than the better known alpha hydroxy acids (such as glycolic acid and lactic acid), which means it  penetrates the skin… Continue reading Mandelic Acid — All-star Acne Treatment

Reveal 10 versus Mandelic Acid Serum: What to Choose?

One of the most common questions that we get from clients is whether they should use Reveal 10 or Mandelic Acid Serum. Both products are chemical exfoliants that work to remove the dead cells from the outer layer of the skin to expose fresher  living cells underneath. Exfoliating has a number of skin benefits: it… Continue reading Reveal 10 versus Mandelic Acid Serum: What to Choose?

Power Product Combinations for Dramatic Results!

They say two heads are better than one-- well, in skin care, often times two products used together can be even more powerful in getting you results for your skin. All of the following power product combinations came directly from our clients- and our clients know better than anyone what works for their skin. FINE… Continue reading Power Product Combinations for Dramatic Results!